Honor   On November 11th the sound of the American flag being hoisted through the air will be heard amongst the silence of the men and women that stand before it. They have carried on this tradition, as their former American Legion brothers and sisters have, for the past 100 years. This family, united not by blood but by something much greater, will stand at attention and salute. 

Tradition   We at The Carve want to make sure  this tradition lives on forever. It is part of our mission to connect our community to what is important…each other. The men and women of the Ashland American Legion are dedicated to reminding us that we remain land of the free thanks to the commitment they once made and because of the millions of active soldiers that protect us today. But their mission does not end there.

The Ashland American Legion has become a resource for members of our current military transitioning into society.

  • They provide outlets for counseling so our soldiers can deal with the painful memories of war.
  • They host annual blood drives, as they know all to well the importance of blood being made available when a fellow citizen may need it.
  • They open their halls so Boy Scouts have a place to meet and a place to celebrate once they achieve their Eagle badge
  • Sponsors youth baseball teams so our kids can benefit from learning to work as a team.

The Ashland American legion is more than a place that keeps history alive it a place that helps build our community's future.

You're Invited   Please join The Carve as we show our support for the men and women of the Ashland American Legion, James O. Carey, 77th post on Veteran’s Day 2017 with a BBQ Fundraiser. Sit with your fellow community and connect over good food and conversation.   Find a Vet and thank them, have a conversation with them, and make sure they know just how special these men and women are in our community.   So, buy your ticket today or buy a table and help us honor our local hero’s.

See you on Nov 11th, until then...
Eat Well!

 The Carve