More than a Mission

Before The Carve opened in 2013, our local faremers market  wanted something a little more interesting in food options.   We set out to provide offerings that utilized the local ingredients from the farmers market, transform them into rustic and flavorful dishes that are unique and transformative.   We set out to help make AFM a Saturday event for the family to come and enjoy great food, in a festive environement with friends and familes of the Ashlnad community. 

At The Carve LLC, our aim is to honor our customers with the flavorful meals that come from the heart of Ashland.   It is a pleasure to show people how great something so simple can be and the joy it can bring to the community.

The Carve Story

  We're passionate about two things: food and family. Our buisness is all about making delicious farm-to-table food that bring families- and communities- closer together. Pull up a chair in ouroutdoor cafe at the Ashland Farmer’s market and you’ll see what we mean. At The Carve you can order a specialty sandwich made with artisan meats, local bread, and vegetables from nearby farms. You can sip our refreshing, handmade herbal beverages. And you can put away your phone, listen to music from a local band, and enjoy time spent with your family and friends.


 At The Carve...